Portfolio Management

Easily track companies, manage your risk exposure, and stay on top of fundamental changes with our portfolio management solutions. 

Receive daily alerts when something changes (e.g. filings at Companies House, profit warnings, notice of intention to appoint administrator, or changes to financial health).

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Portfolio Management - Company Watch

Portfolio monitoring. Made easy

Our portfolio monitoring tool allows you to create customised alerts to minimise the noise and concentrate on the risk.

Receive daily email alerts regarding changes that might impact your customers’ ability to pay invoices, or your suppliers’ ability to complete your contract.

Proactive risk management

Monitor companies for negative indicators and identify emerging risks before they become financial losses.

View a summary of all the activity in your portfolio history for a clear audit trail to support your business risk decisions.

Want to share with your team?

Alerts can be sent directly to you and your wider team via email in order to streamline your workflow. Data can also be exported to Excel for further analysis.

Monitor portfolio risk

Intuitive portfolio management software

Manage your portfolio at a glance. Portfolios are categorised into different risk bands according to H-Score® ratings.

Analyse the overall risk profile of a group of businesses and view your overall risk exposure across your portfolio.

Bulk review a list of potential customers or suppliers. Drill down to understand the risks by industry, size and region, and sort by H-Score®, Credit Limit and size.

Portfolio Management Software

Portfolio risk management solutions

Accurate, consistent and trustworthy information for people who need to understand the financial risks of doing business. Explore the different ways in which you can access our analytics.

Why Company Watch?

Our financial risk solutions provide intelligent and actionable insights, giving you an unbeatable edge when it comes to financial risk management.

Unlike other providers, we have the ability to map medium to long-term risk as well as short-term risk. As a result, you can accurately predict financial risks before they become financial losses.

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Our Service

We help our clients manage their exposure to financial risk, giving them scores that look at a medium-term forecast, and the tools to allow them to look even further into the future.

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We provide ‘white box’ scores, which allow you to make evidence-based decisions and justify these to key stakeholders in your organisation.

InteractiveV2 01

Being able to model scenarios and understand ever-changing risk has never been more important. We give you the tools to do that.

TimeSavingV2 01

With tools like our Director Matching and SearCHeD, we speed up your current risk management process and allow you to investigate risks in minutes.

Frequently asked questions

Portfolio risk management is the process of identifying, analysing, and managing the risks associated with a portfolio.

It’s important to balance risk and reward by optimising the risk exposure of the portfolio.

You are able to receive daily alerts regarding changes that might impact your customers’ ability to pay invoices, or your suppliers’ ability to complete your contract.

Customise the changes you want to monitor by selecting the checkboxes inside our platform, e.g. H-Score® or Credit Limit.

Alerts come directly into your inbox, meaning you never miss a risk.

Yes, you can populate your portfolio by searching for companies to add, or by importing in bulk if you have a list of UK company registration numbers.

Portfolios are categorised into different risk bands according to H-Score® ratings. View your overall risk exposure across your portfolio, and easily spot and strengthen weak spots.

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"Company Watch has been integral to our ratings methodology since we first began. They are professional, helpful and supportive and look beyond the commercial angle to understand the issues we are looking to solve."

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Rob Crampton
Chief Underwriting Officer

– Equinox Global Limited

"All the way through our journey with Company Watch the training and support has been first class. I am such a firm advocate of the system that I have been recommending it to colleagues in other authorities.”

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Alistair Stewart
Social Care Team

– Scotland Excel

"Company Watch is integral to our credit review process and provides a service beyond everyone in the market. Their services are indispensable in delivering the financial information and analytics we need in a totally customised format."

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Dafna Thornbury
Global Credit Risk Manager

– Doosan Bobcat EMEA

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