Precision targeting for business growth

The UK business landscape is vast. Unlock valuable insights and elevate your B2B strategy with Data Search.

Whether you are conducting market research, due diligence, or competitor analysis, Data Search empowers you to filter and refine the entire Companies House database.

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Extract relevant data

Our Data Search tool stands out as one of the most advanced and user-friendly tools in the market. Unlike other tools, it provides you with the ability to filter and segment data based on your specific criteria, ensuring you make informed decisions about the companies you engage with.

Quickly discover your ideal clients

Filter with precision. Generate a workable list of leads in seconds using a range of granular queries.

Uncover thousands of potential business opportunities. Tailor your search based on company type, incorporation date, company size, and more.

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Ditch low-yield, high-effort outreach

Increase your conversion rates and make every interaction count.

Approach with confidence, knowing the financial health of potential clients and the risks of doing business.

Analyse crucial financial metrics like H-Score®, turnover, and net worth before you engage. Mitigate risks by filtering companies for adverse events, such as mortgages and charges or administration notices.



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Prepare to win

Find all the information you need to seal the deal with real-time updates. As you introduce new filters, watch the results update instantly.

Stay ahead of the curve by staying informed on the latest developments in your chosen criteria.

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Your gateway to targeted insights

Data Search is the ultimate tool to cut through the noise and create a list of potential clients that match your criteria. Leverage its high levels of configurability to target businesses for prospecting in multiple ways.

Unleash the power

Strategic business charges

Filter through business charges, combined with specific region or postcode filters, to target companies potentially involved with competitors.

Turnover-based targeting

Filter by specific turnover bands to identify ideal customers for your business development teams.

Automated search and alerts

Use our scheduling tool to set up searches with saved filters. Data Search will automatically update and notify you of significant changes, ensuring you’re always in the know.

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Key features

Search builder

Set your search criteria using a range of filters grouped into various areas such as Company Type, Accounts, Location, and more.


Access and filter your portfolios from the Company Watch online platform. Use the Dashboard to create visualisations of your entire portfolio.

Dashboard visualisation

View aggregated data from your search in a visually appealing format. Print charts directly from your dashboard for offline analysis.

Search results

Easily download prepared searches onto your local network. Utilise pre-set output layout options (Output Packs) for efficient data handling.

Saved searches

Quickly access and restore searches you’ve saved in the Data Search tool. Generate an updated company count by restoring a saved search.

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Detailed data at your fingertips

Visualise your results with ease through our aggregated dashboards. For in-depth analysis, download Data Search results into CSV or Text format.

Access detailed information at the individual company level, empowering you with the knowledge needed for strategic decision-making.

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Trusted by high street banks

Join some of the biggest banks in the UK in leveraging our Data Search function to empower business development teams and create highly targeted sales prospect lists. The unmatched configurability of our tool makes it an invaluable asset for sustainable business growth, free from the constraints of other tools on the market.

"Company Watch has been integral to our ratings methodology since we first began. They are professional, helpful and supportive and look beyond the commercial angle to understand the issues we are looking to solve."

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Rob Crampton
Chief Underwriting Officer

– Equinox Global Limited

"All the way through our journey with Company Watch the training and support has been first class. I am such a firm advocate of the system that I have been recommending it to colleagues in other authorities.”

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Alistair Stewart
Social Care Team

– Scotland Excel

"Company Watch is integral to our credit review process and provides a service beyond everyone in the market. Their services are indispensable in delivering the financial information and analytics we need in a totally customised format."

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Dafna Thornbury
Global Credit Risk Manager

– Doosan Bobcat EMEA

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