The clients we work with believe in procuring the best in class data and analytics for each of the regions they operate in.

If you’re after a single global supplier with most of your risks in the Middle East and Africa, then Company Watch is probably not the right fit.

If you have significant exposure in the UK (either by volume or by criticality); or if you are looking to build the right type of business opportunity pipeline then we could be the perfect partner.

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Our Regions

We source information and data for all UK companies registered at Companies House and all Ireland companies registered at the CRO.

We also have online coverage for quoted companies in over 150 countries worldwide, as well as online coverage for private companies in France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, USA, Poland and Italy. In addition, we can provide off-line reports for private companies in another 160 countries.


We understand that outside Europe, obtaining company information can be a challenge. That’s why we developed our CountryScore – to enable clients to access a macro view on countries around the world and to understand the base-level risks of doing business.

Our platform allows you to compare countries side-by-side to put more context around the risks in a particular region.

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Our Service

We help our clients manage their strategic business relationships, giving them scores that look at a medium-term forecast, and the tools to allow them to look even further into the future.


We provide ‘white box’ scores, which allow you to make evidence-based decisions and justify these to key stakeholders in your organisation.


Being able to model scenarios and understand ever-changing risk has never been more important. We give you the tools to do that.


With tools like Aphrodite®, SearCHeD, TextScore® and our Furlough data matching, we allow you to investigate risks thoroughly in minutes.