Powerful problem-solving tools that let you deep dive into the data.

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Industry Leading

The industry-leading functionality of the Company Watch platform has come about by listening to the challenges faced by our clients and creating tools to solve those problems.

Forecast View™

Gain a deeper understanding of the impact that economic events might have on the financial health of UK companies that file full accounts.

Easy-to-use sliders allow you to model potential market risks and stress test companies at the click of a button.

The current economic climate is volatile and changing rapidly. Having the ability to stress test a future risk scenario has never been more important.

See how Forecast View™ works.

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Quickly search for key words in the text of annual reports held at Companies House. We have turned image files into searchable text, enabling you to find key words and phrases with just a few clicks.

SearCHeD has 3 main use-cases:

  • Individual company review: allows users to search for key words in specific company reports, for example, an underwriter reviewing critical risks. Text can be copy/pasted into other documents.
  • Universe search: search for key words across the universe of accounts filed, e.g. to find which companies use ‘credit insurance’ or have ‘defined benefit pension’ risks.
  • Portfolio search: search through a custom portfolio of companies for key words within a user-defined portfolio, e.g. see which companies in your portfolio use ‘supply chain finance’
How SearCHeD works
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Enhanced Director Matching

Launched in 2019, our Enhanced Director Matching solves a complex problem to link UK company directors and officers who have multiple Companies House IDs.

Companies House does not mandate ID verification of directors, therefore many individuals have multiple director records which are not linked at Companies House.

When performing KYC or KYS due diligence, understanding the business history of the key individuals associated with a company is important for managing both financial risk, compliance and identifying potential “phoenix” directors.

See how Enhanced Director Matching works.

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The functionality that separates Company Watch from other Credit Reference Agencies – our Experiment module.

In an uncertain economy being able to model scenarios and understand ever-changing risk has never been more important. Our platform allows you to stress-test a supplier’s or customer’s financial health and run ‘what if’ scenarios using management accounts or forecasts.

Generating immediately updated scores, Experiments enable you to understand the impact a drop in profits, increased debt servicing cost, or a write-down of asset values will have on a business’s financial health. Sharing the analysis with colleagues and stakeholders allows you to present evidence-backed reasons for your risk decisions.

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Portfolio Overview

Bulk review a list of potential customers or suppliers.

Analyse the overall risk profile of a group of businesses using the Portfolio Overview tool. You can segment the list using H-Score®, industry, region and size. Our Data Search can be used for a more detailed segmentation of the portfolio, such as change in scores over time.

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Data Search

Filter the entire UK company population to identify companies with a specific profile.

Use Data Search to identify business development opportunities, such as companies showing signs of potential distress and a target for restructuring services, or companies that are growing rapidly and outgrowing their current accountancy firm.

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Search Engine

Excel Export

Work in a format of your choice.

Download all our financial data and scores into an Excel format and customise the fields you want to export.

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Our Service

We help our clients manage their strategic business relationships, giving them scores that look at a medium-term forecast, and the tools to allow them to look even further into the future.

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We provide ‘white box’ scores, which allow you to make evidence-based decisions and justify these to key stakeholders in your organisation.

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Being able to model scenarios and understand ever-changing risk has never been more important. We give you the tools to do that.

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With tools like Aphrodite®, SearCHeD, TextScore® and our Furlough data matching, we allow you to investigate risks thoroughly in minutes.