Stop business fraud in its tracks

Our powerful new tool, Vigilance™, gives you a proactive edge in the fight against fraud.

Vigilance™ analyses filings submitted to Companies House, identifying inconsistencies and anomalies across multiple critical triggers.

Fraudsters are getting faster and smarter, are you keeping up?

combat business fraud with vigilance

Early fraud detection, significant impact

Vigilance™ seamlessly integrates with our online platform, employing advanced anomaly detection algorithms to identify potential discrepancies and irregularities before they become major problems.

Think of Vigilance™ as your own early warning system, giving you the time you need to take action.

Tackle fraud and take back control

Companies House’s new ECCTA powers are a step in the right direction to tackling business fraud, but they may not be enough and will take a long time to be enacted.

Don’t wait for potential fraud to be exposed, take back control with Vigilance™.

vigilance dashboard assessing operational risk

Multiple risk indicators analysed

Vigilance doesn’t just look for one red flag, it analyses a comprehensive set of warning signs across five key areas: Financial, Statistical, Behavioural, Operational, and Phoenixism.

multiple risk angles analysed with Vigilance

Gain unparalleled transparency

By scrutinising company filings with unparalleled precision, Vigilance™ grants you a deeper understanding of your business landscape, empowering you to make informed decisions.

fraud transparency Vigilance

Why choose Vigilance™?

Proactively identify and address potential fraudulent activity across a wide spectrum of risk factors.

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Protect your business

Fraud detection safeguards against financial losses and reputational damage.

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Make smarter decisions

Make informed decisions with the power of data-driven insights.

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Save time and resources

Automate tedious analysis and free up resources for higher-value tasks.

Easy to use dashboard

Fraud detection made simple. View Vigilance triggers with ease on the Company Watch platform.

If the company in question has suspicious activity we flag the company in yellow and allow for deeper drill down into the specific trigger.

easy to use Vigilance dashboard

Focus on what matters

Our software automates the tedious process of scrutinising filings. You can focus your resources on investigating suspicious activity and mitigating risk.

automate fraud detection with vigilance

Who is Vigilance™ for?

  • Businesses of all sizes looking to mitigate fraud risk.
  • Financial institutions conducting due diligence.
  • Legal professionals investigating potential wrongdoing.
  • Anyone concerned about the financial health and legitimacy of a company.
business fraud detection vigilance

Reduce risk and increase confidence

Make informed decisions with the power of data-driven insights. Are you ready to take control of your fraud detection strategy?

Register your interest today and be among the first to get trial access!

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