Within a matter of weeks, life in Europe and the rest of the world changed beyond recognition. Most of us are still trying to understand what this means for us as individuals, employees and business leaders. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, but we hope that sharing our expertise on what implications the current crisis might have for people trying to manage their credit and procurement risk will be useful.

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Credit Scores tick boxes

Company Watch enables you to manage risk

Company Watch provides risk analysis and data modelling tools to organisations around the world who rely on our ability to accurately predict their exposure to financial risk.
Our H-Score® predicted 92% of quoted company insolvencies around the world over the last four years and our TextScore accuracy rate was 93%.

Helping mitigate fraud and credit risk

Introducing Aphrodite – Enhanced Director Matching

Companies don’t commit fraud – fraud, when it happens, is committed by individuals associated with the company. So, understanding the history of directors involved in a company is a powerful indicator of risk. However, individuals can often have multiple director profiles at Companies House which means that their true financial history is obscured.

That’s why we have developed Aphrodite – which uses advanced machine learning to tackle the problem that many of our clients face daily. They can now easily check if the directors of the company they are doing business with have a hidden history of insolvency behind them.

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Data raises questions

The H-Score provides answers

Our scores are trusted by banks, corporates, investment houses and public sector bodies because, unlike other Business Credit Reporting Agencies, we are transparent and flexible in our approach. We enable our clients to drill-down to the factors driving our analysis and provide the tools to stress-test our scores. Our clients take evidenced-based decisions and justify these to key stakeholders within their organisations.

Seamless integration with your current processes

Our mission is to engage with our clients to develop and deliver the tools and analytics that enable them to manage business risk effectively. For that reason we offer several ways of accessing our analytics: via our online Platform, via API, via Scoring Gateway (e.g. Excel Add-In or third party such as Prof. Schumann). This means we can analyse other third party data, or your own internal data using one consistent scoring methodology.

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The future's bright... AI comes to credit scoring

The text accompanying a financial report has always made important reading,
but who has time to study the reports on all their key risks? Company Watch’s TextScore
uses machine-learning to analyse hundreds of words in a financial report.
Let us do the reading so you can manage your risk.

Why Company Watch

Hindsight in Advance

Company Watch clients saved millions because they managed down their exposure to companies like Carillion and Toys R Us long before their competitors.

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to find out how Company Watch financial analytics can sharpen your competitive edge.

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"Company Watch has been integral to our ratings methodology since we first began, and we consider them amongst our closest partners."

Rob Crampton, Chief Underwriting Officer, Equinox Global

Don't just take our word for it

We publish a list of recent failures and how we scored them in the run-up
to their demise...

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