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Banks and other lenders: Retail banks, merchant banks, private banks, asset finance companies, credit card companies and others principally for purposes of credit risk management and KYC (Know Your Customer).

Trade credit risk, Surety, Directors & Officers and General Insurance risk assessment.

Commercial companies
Credit risk management and Procurement.

Chartered Accountants/Turnarounds specialists
Assess client health and targeting companies in need of turnaround.

Track medium term fundamental health of their corporate investments.

Public sector
Procurement, supply chain as well as Compliance

Company Watch Credit Limits can be used in conjunction with your Credit Insurance Policy, with a number of Trade Credit Insurers, including;





Equinox Global

Euler Hermes Markel International
QBE Tokio Marine HCC  




Corporate Partners & Associations

Forums International


Forums International Ltd is a leading provider of credit and industry forums and focus groups. We have over 20 year’s experience of delivering forums and events and have established an enviable reputation throughout the credit profession. FI Ltd currently operate 10 forums across and within a variety of industries

Our forums were created to provide regular opportunities for credit and finance professionals to meet and discuss key trading issues in their industry sectors, share experiences and problems and, most importantly, talk about innovation and how they have secured success.

The Forums, specialise in helping share and develop best and new practices, understand trends in credit management and help prepare the members for current and future business challenges.

Our forums are not just meetings but a community of peers. Most importantly the forums bring together credit professionals so they can build personal networks and draw on the expertise and experience of others.

The aim of the Forums is to equip members with the practical tools they need to meet the challenges of a changing business environment and add value to their roles. In addition to the meetings, members are also supported by a dedicated forum website, LinkedIn groups and other communication channels.

Company Watch is delighted to be a corporate partner of Forums International and sponsors three Forums in particular - more details on each are given below:

Credit Professionals Forum (CPF) 


The Export Credit Forum (ECF) 


The International Credit Forum (ICF) 


W: www.forumsinternational.co.uk

E: forumsinternational.co.uk





Association of International Credit Directors


AICD was formed in 2014 in response to the fact that our Profession was becoming more internationalised and that the professional institutions and groups that already existed in support of our senior professionals had not evolved sufficiently in relation to this change as their focus was national. Driven by the express wishes of our membership we created a high level international discussion/working group to address this issue.

The group was designed firstly to represent our members both within and outside our profession. The requirement was to be action focussed, operate in a way that was unique in the Profession and identify what needed to be fixed and fix it. All of our ambitions, initiatives and programmes are to be delivered by harnessing the extensive talents of our membership and blending them to produce relevant and achievable programmes that add value to our Profession.

W: www.aicd.global

E: [email protected]



Federation of Business Information Services


In 1973, some of the leading European credit information agencies joined forces to form the Federation of Business Information Services FEBIS (initially known as FECRO), with its registered office in Frankfurt.

Today, FEBIS has developed into a sizable organisation comprising more than 80 full Members from all over the world involved in providing Business  Information and Debt Collection services both nationally and internationally.

As an industry association, FEBIS strives to look after the common interests of its members. While monitoring new legislation such as data protection laws and insolvency laws, FEBIS also over sees and the application of public sources of data and information.

W: www.febis.org

E: [email protected]