Introducing Angelia

Angelia – what’s in a name….

Like most tech companies, we use internal codenames to label our development projects – for the last 3 or 4 years these have all been taken from Greek mythology.

We’ve got rather fond of Angelia – our codename for our complete system re-write over the last couple of years and so we thought it seemed a shame to drop this name and just talk about ‘the new platform’.

Our team chose this particular Greek goddess for several reasons: a daughter of Hermes, Angelia was the personified spirit of messages and proclamations – that has certainly inspired our much-improved alerts functionality!

We use Angular as our front-end web application platform, so, in part, the name is homage to the technology that we spend so much time working with.

And lastly, we couldn’t help liking the ‘urban dictionary’ definition of Angelia as ‘beautiful’ and ‘absolute perfection’. Well, we don’t claim to have reached that point yet, but we certainly think our Angelia is visually appealing and we are working hard to create a platform that really tunes in to the needs of our users.

We can’t wait to introduce you to Aphrodite….

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