Podcast 23 Apr 2021

50: Public Borrowing, Inflation & Zombie Companies

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Nick and Jo bring up the podcast half-century, but there is no time to take the warm applause of the crowd. Instead, the partnership faces an onslaught of fast bowls into the corridor of economic uncertainty… Public borrowing rose from £57bn in March 2020 to £303bn in March 2021, UK unemployment sits at 4.9%, with 813,000 jobs lost since the start of the pandemic, and 4.9m people remain on the government furlough scheme. With plans to wind down the scheme in September, some analysts are predicting as many as 850,000 of those 4.9m people will never go back to work – pushing the UK unemployment rate much higher. Also covered are zombie companies and why growth and overtrading issues could impact the recovery phase of the economy.

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