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21 May, 2018

Credit Insurance News carried an article on how many well-known UK retailers will struggle to meet higher interest payments. 

Credit Strategy
16 May, 2018

Credit Strategy warns that more than a quarter of UK retailers are financially vulnerable to rate rises.  

15 May, 2018

LAMBDA.WORLD, one of the largest global functioning programming events is opening its call for papers.  This year’s conference will be held from 25-26 October in Cadiz, Spain and already has a number of high quality speakers.

14 May, 2018

One third of the larger restaurant and cafe companies are loss making, meaning that increases in national minimum wage, which came into force on 1 April 2018, will put even more pressure on an already-besieged sector.

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10 May, 2018

The Caterer has included our latest Industry Watch analysis in its article about minimum wage increases piling pressure on besieged restaurant sector.

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8 May, 2018

The Times writes about how Britain’s struggling restaurant and café sector could have more pain as wage costs rise in today's edition.  

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4 May, 2018

Jacques Vert filed for Administration in June 2017 – as the above graph shows, Company Watch had highlighted the downward trend in financial health over the years. Following the Administration, the Jacques Vert brands and stores were acquired by Calvetron Style Holdings (now Calvetron Brands) which also owns the Dash and Vertex brands employing around 1000 staff in the UK and 400 in Canada & Ireland. Calvetron Brands, which is now about to go into Administration itself, has not filed any financials that reflect the acquisitions and reorganisations. The latest financials are from February 2017 and report only the pre-acquisition skeleton assets of £39k.

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27 April, 2018

Credit Connect the e-site for consumer and commercial credit professionals has used Company Watch analysis within its recent article on how the UK high street retailers are struggling to meet higher interest payments.

Credit Awards Finalist
10 April, 2018

We have been shortlisted for the prestigious Credit Reference Agency of the Year for 2018 as part of this year’s Credit Awards.

6 April, 2018

With an interesting agenda and opportunity for networking, the Credit Professionals Forum, hosted by Forums and sponsored by Company Watch is being held on Tuesday 10 April at Bracknell.