Launch of Angelia

We have recently launched Angelia, our latest credit reference platform that includes a number of new features. With a clearer interface, improved functionality and new Snapshot Profile we have tried to make Angelia more user-friendly and better-suited to the needs of our clients.  Listen to Mike Newman talk about the features of the new platform including mobile access.

Company Watch’s analytics continue to offer in-depth insight into a company’s financial health at a glance – Angelia offers access to Company Watch’s own H-Score®, TextScore, Probability of Distress and Credit Limit. The improved alerting tool allows users to set custom parameters for alerts and provides much more detail about changes in the email alerts they receive.

Our unique experiment functionality, which enables users to stress-test the financial health of their customers and suppliers, is still a key part of the system. In addition, the platform allows users to open multiple tabs and has hover-over capability to allow much easier-reading of the graphs.

The team are happy to provide a demonstration of Angelia; use our contact form to request more information.

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