Introducing Aphrodite

Following on from the launch of our Angelia platform, we have been working on a parallel project in recent months relating to the problem of an individual having multiple director profiles at Companies House. We couldn’t resist using Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love, as our code name for this project which involves finding the perfect match…

We decided to tackle this problem because understanding the history of directors involved in a company can be a powerful indicator of risk, yet we knew that the full picture was hidden to our users because individuals often have multiple director profiles at Companies House and are therefore not linked together. Although Companies House performs some basic checking on director details, as a register of information it is not really within their remit to spend time verifying the information they receive.

The scale of the problem is pretty enormous – millions of individuals are registered as directors or officers at Companies House – attempting to do basic pairwise matching would involve trillions of rows of data. So, we developed an automated matching approach based on advanced machine learning techniques to identify similar individuals using characteristics such as name, location and age, as well as information about other companies that the officer has been involved with. We have then given a percentage confidence that two individuals are the same. The results are presented in a list and you can choose which directors to display to view their company histories. 

To include Enhanced Director Matching in your subscription or to start using our platform, please contact us.

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