Cost vs Credibility
let Company Watch help you decide

Public Sector contracts are under increasing scrutiny with officials in the unenviable position of needing to cut costs while ensuring suppliers are able to perform
and deliver what they say they will.

The Company Watch platform helps you interrogate a supplier’s financial health and enables you to make evidence-based recommendations to key stakeholders.

The Company Watch difference

Most Credit Reference Reports focus on the short-term – can a company pay its bills in 30 or 60 days. Company Watch is unique in providing a longer-term view of financial health: the H-Score® is predictive for up to 21 months – add in our modelling tools and you can roll forward to forecast several years into the future.

“I have used this superb financial analysis tool both in the private sector and whilst working for a UK Financial Regulator for over 11 years.

The expertise and originality of the product stands out as a market leader in its field and is second to none with regards to predicting a company’s likelihood of success or failure over a 12 month period and uniquely over a 3 year time frame.”

Stewart Haynes,
formerly Senior Risk & Intelligence Analyst,
The Pensions Regulator.

Case Studies

Run a transparent tendering process

Allowing potential suppliers to understand the criteria against which they will be judged is a key part of public sector procurement.

Company Watch’s H-Score® is a transparent, ‘white-box’ model – we can provide tips to potential suppliers to help them understand what might be behind a weak score
and suggest ways to improve.

Don't just take our word for it

We publish a list of recent failures and how we scored them in the run-up
to their demise...

How does your current credit
score perform?