With the threat of CVAs looming large, landlords need a crystal ball to
secure their investments.

Or they could just try Company Watch…

With ongoing economic uncertainty, shifts in consumer shopping habits and preferences for shorter leases, the property investment sector needs credit risk assessments it can rely on.

How Company Watch can help

Predictive scoring – get a headstart by using the H-Score®
for a longer-term view of financial health.

Did your current provider warn you about the dangers of Carillion
before it was too late?

What our clients are saying

“We needed a best in class solution for a wide variety of data requirements
and ‘what if’ analysis. Company Watch performs all of them
and remains without peer in my opinion.”

Global property investment

Case Studies


Understand the financial dynamics underpinning your tenant – do they have the longer-term financial strength to service their new commitments?

Company Clinics


Do the forecasts stack up: if they achieve what they are planning,
will that be enough to see them through the lease?

Portfolio Monitoring

Daily updates so you can keep on top of your risks.

Don't just take our word for it

We publish a list of recent failures and how we scored them in the run-up
to their demise...

How does your current credit
score perform?