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The IT, Telecoms and media sectors are fundamental to modern society as we know it: at the cutting edge of enabling individuals, businesses and societies to engage with each other wherever they are in the world, the smooth running of companies in these sectors is vital.

The partnerships created with customers and suppliers are a crucial element in delivering growth and expanding connectivity.

The Company Watch platform is used by credit and procurement teams within the IT, telecoms and media sectors to monitor and manage the financial health of supply chains and corporate buyers.

The Company Watch difference

With mobile capability for credit managers to quickly look up information on the road and stress-test functionality to help them understand if the business plans of their customers really will deliver, the Company Watch platform is an invaluable resource if you want to make quick, evidence-based decisions.

Procurement teams have the unenviable task of deciding which supplier will perform and deliver what they say the will on time and in budget. As Carillion showed us, bigger isn’t always better – the need for a tool that allows you to interrogate the numbers and see if a supplier really will have the working capital to deliver on its promises has never been greater.

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