Supply Chain & Procurement Risk Management

How do you ensure smooth and continuous flows of goods, materials & services?

Identifying which of your suppliers are vulnerable in today’s economic climate is a vital component of successful and proactive Supplier/Procurement Risk Management. Equally important is identifying existing and potential suppliers who are consistently strong.

The Company Watch platform delivers the predictive capability you need to forecast the on-going strength of your supply chain and the financial health of your supplier base.


Continuation of service

It takes valuable resources to locate and build a productive supplier base, losing one link in the chain can have a knock-on effect on the whole operation. 

The Company Watch Portfolio Management system enables you to monitor the financial health of your customers or monitor key companies for early warning signs of deteriorating financial health. Set up Email Alerts to notify you of any changes.

Unlike other providers, Company Watch maps the medium to long-term risk, displayed in a graphical format over 5 years.

The Risk Rating places a company into one of ten risk categories. Level 1 indicates the lowest risk, level 10 the highest.

The PoD® is the probability that a Distress Event will occur within either 1 year (1 year PoD) or 3 years (3 year PoD).


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