Credit Risk Management

Reduce bad debt, improve cash flow and safeguard against risk.

To manage credit effectively it helps to have the necessary tools to help you stay proactive, evaluating & monitoring potential clients to see if their circumstances improve, as well as existing clients, to ensure their credit limit is still accurate.  Besides protecting against bad debt, you also need to improve cash flow and encourage growth, ensuring the right amount of credit is given to the right clients.

Company Watch helps you reduce your financial risks and potential losses by providing reliable, predictive measures of the financial health of companies, as well as a wealth of supporting business information.

The H-Score® is derived from a company’s published financial results and quantifies how closely the accounts resemble those of companies which subsequently failed.

The PoD® is the probability that a Distress Event will occur within either 1 year (1 year PoD) or 3 years (3 year PoD).

The Risk Rating places a company into one of ten risk categories. Level 1 indicates the lowest risk, level 10 the highest.

The Credit Limit is a measure derived by Company Watch and is calculated giving consideration to the company’s size, level of trading activity, the degree to which it is already exposed in the short term to its creditors, its ability to repay them and its working capital position.

The Portfolio Management system enables you to monitor the financial health of your customers or monitor key companies for early warning signs of deteriorating financial health. Set up Email Alerts to notify you of any important changes, such as a change in a company’s financial health. Forewarned is to be forearmed.

The Search Engine allows you to identify potential new suppliers and customers. Search the entire database, filtering by a range of parameters, such as company size, financial health, financial factors & trends, by industry and location. Identify and assess potential customers and also set-up industry groups for benchmarking.


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