How we can help

Company Watch specialises in financial analytics to enable people to make informed decisions and manage risk effectively.

Company Watch has, via its H-Score analysis, successfully predicted the vast majority of failures over the last 18 years, typically well in advance.

We predict the future financial health of companies with remarkable accuracy.  It’s why the major banks, businesses and investment firms rely on our financial analytics, to manage their medium to long term risks and opportunities. In today’s market, planning ahead is critical, and predictive analytics is essential.

Our dynamic financial modelling facility allows you to enter forecasts and management accounts to generate immediately updated H-Scores, PoDs and Credit Limits.

Credit Risk Management

How do you reduce bad debt, improve cash flow and effectively manage ‘risk’?

Company Watch helps you reduce your financial risks and potential losses by providing reliable, predictive measures of the financial health of companies, as well as a wealth of supporting business information.

Supply Chain & Procurement Risk Management

How do you ensure smooth and continuous flows of goods, materials & services? Identifying which of your suppliers are vulnerable in today’s economic climate is a vital component of successful and proactive Supplier/Procurement Risk Management. Equally important is identifying existing and potential suppliers who are consistently strong.

The Company Watch platform delivers the predictive capability you need to forecast the on-going strength of your supply chain and the financial health of your supplier base.

Business Development

For years we have been analysing data and producing models to help unlock the intelligence within, not only for public data but also within the data collected by our clients. They have benefited from having bespoke Company Watch solutions tailored to the needs of their businesses.

The Search facility enables organisations to find new opportunities within any business sector of their choice. Simply select the geographical location, the sectors required, key financials (such as Turnover, Profit Before Tax, H-Score) and within seconds Company Watch will provide you with a list of companies for you to market to.


Providing early warnings of risky investments & identifying potential winners, predictive analysis is an invaluable tool for investment professionals.

A key component of any investment decision is the evaluation of the fundamental health of a company. The H-Score® assesses the robustness of a company’s balance sheet and identifies companies that can survive when they suffer a downturn in earnings; and it identifies those that cannot.