Support Blog: Why CCJs are shown

This month, we take a look at another of our popularly queried issue: why we show County Court Judgments (CCJs) on a company’s profile even though the amount has been settled.

CCJs arise when someone takes a court action against an individual or a company and because no defence has been put in, a legal decision is handed down by the County Court. When this happens the CCJ is sent by the Court to the Registry Trust – the official Registrar for the Register of judgments, orders and fines. The Registry Trust in turn checks the CCJs and then sends to Credit Reference Agencies and other customers within 24 hours.

If within 30 days, the CCJ is paid or cancelled (may have been issued in error or paid before the court date); a notice is issued to remove the CCJ (known as setting-aside). CCJs which have been set-aside will no longer be on the Register. Therefore, we do not keep a record of such CCJs in our database.

If the CCJ is settled after 30 days, we will show the status as ‘satisfied’ on our system and the ‘satisfied’ status will remain on the company’s profile for 6 years. This will drop off the system after 6 years.

If the CCJ remains unsatisfied, we will keep showing the status as ‘unsatisfied’ on the company’s profile for 6 years after which the CCJ will be removed automatically from a company’s record, even if not paid.

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