Angelia – latest update

We are delighted that the following enhancements are now available on the Company Watch platform: Unsecured creditors and debtors information; Profit Warnings for UK quoted companies; New Contract Limit – the supply-chain equivalent to the Credit Limit and Estimated Sales for small and micro companies.

Launch of Unsecured Creditors/Debtors Information

We display a warning on the Health Profile if a company has suffered an unsecured loss (this is usually reported in the Statement of Affairs or Liquidation of a failed company that had owed money). Detailed information can be found in the Unsecured Distressed Debtors.

We also display a warning on the Health Profile for unpaid debts of the company going through a liquidation. The detailed information can be found in the Unsecured Creditors.

Coverage: This is typically collected for medium and large company insolvencies, using information contained in the Administrators Statement of Affairs of the Liquidation documents.

Estimated Sales — for Small & Micro companies

Companies that are classified as Small or Micro are not required to file a Profit & Loss at Companies House. This means information such as Sales & Profits are not publicly available.

Company Watch have developed a method to estimate the Sales (Turnover) amount for such companies using a range of information including the company’s assets size, the distribution of assets on the balance sheet, plus other factors such as the industry sector and whether the company is part of a larger group. You can find this on the “Key Financials” section of the Health Profile.

Note that this calculated Sales figure is estimated and could differ significantly from the actual figure.

Launch of our new Contract Limit

We have launched the Company Watch Contract Limit — this is the recommended maximum value amount that a particular company can supply without causing a strain on the company’s existing resources. It is the Supply Chain equivalent to a Credit Limit. You will find this on the Health Profile.

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