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Tracking and Predicting Financial Health


Company Watch specialises in financial risk management, tracking and predicting the financial health of companies worldwide. In fact, we have predicted around 90% of company failures in advance over the past 17 years.

Having spent more than a decade developing complex mathematical models we have identified the key ratios that differentiate winners from losers. The combination of these ratios is called the H-Score®, which powers our interactive online financial risk management system.

Reliable Financial Risk Management

Working with the leading banks, accounting firms, insurance companies, government agencies and corporates, we have helped our clients address their financial risk management needs in credit and procurement both online and through integrated tailored solutions. From Credit Risk ManagementSupplier Risk ManagementBusiness Development and Investment we give our clients Hindsight in Advance - enabling them to predict and take appropriate action for their financial risk management. They love the fact that our financial risk management solutions leave them feeling in command.

Making the right decisions now and for the future

Company Watch is the only organisation which can help you make the right decisions for today – and tomorrow. We recognise that the decisions you make today will affect your future profits. That’s why we provide predictions on corporate financial health which will keep you one step ahead of your market.

No other company has been able to predict 90% of business failures. But then no other organisation can offer the H-Score or the proprietary model which sits behind it. Why would you risk anything else?

If you feel, as we do, that Hindsight in Advance will enhance your decision-making, get in touch today for more information and a demonstration of what our system can do for you.

Contact Company Watch to find out more.

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